Talking Therapies v Psychiatric Medication


The psychiatric model of mental healthcare is rarely challenged in Irish mainstream media. I wrote a response to one of many articles on psychiatric practice published in a popular Sunday newspaper, articles that present psychiatric thinking and practice at its most benign. The newspaper had no interest in publishing an alternative viewpoint. This is an […]

The Spider and the Secret of Happiness


What is the purpose of life? This is one of those perennial philosophical questions that apparently no-one has been able to answer satisfactorily. I have an answer that I am more than satisfied with, and you should be too.   The purpose of life is to be as happy as you can possibly be. I’m […]

Understanding and Healing Depression


The following article is intended to provide a better and more optimistic understanding of the experience of depression than the conventional medical explanations. It was written for people experiencing Depression and considering suicide, to provide an avenue of hope. It is long, but I hope it is helpful. Michael Fox (Note: Never withdraw from psychiatric […]