How Much Will Therapy Cost?

Initial sessions of a minimum of 2 hours are absolutely necessary for real progress to be achieved. With the more usual 50-60 minute sessions the brain is only just beginning to warm up by the time the session is over. It is a feature of the way in which the mind and brain actually work that the amount of progress achieved in the second hour far exceeds that achieved in the first, so it is the longer sessions that are crucial to better recovery.

Fees: Fees are applied on a sliding scale so that the better paid subsidise those who are low paid and unemployed.

Fees range from €50 – €100 per hour

The duration of therapy depends on the complexity of the problem and, importantly, the client’s willingness to undertake ‘reflection/processing’ homework. Most problems can be resolved within 5 – 8 sessions.

Video Therapy & Phone Therapy: Therapy can be provided by video calls and phone calls for clients who cannot travel long distances. This approach works no differently than clinic based therapy, and can offer certain advantages. There are no travel costs and therapy can take place in the comfort of your own home.

I frequently maintain email and phone contact with clients to give and receive ongoing feedback at no extra charge.